Annual Festivals
Ceremonial Fiesta Tamil Month As per English Calendar
Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevar Jayanthi. Thirumanjanam to Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevar on the Shravana -Thiruvonam nakshatram(star) day Avani August - September
Nav Rathri Festival Special Thirumanjanam on all Saturdays. Purattasi September - October
Anjaneya Jayanthi on Moola nakshatram day Margazhi December - January
Vaikunta Ekadasi Day- Sorgavasal (Paramapada Vasal) opens for devotees. Margazhi December - January
Havan(Homam- Fire Ritual) and Thirumanjanam for Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevar Thai or Masi January – February
February - March
Anniversary (Avathara Utsavam) Havan and Thirumanjanam on the Uttara Bhadrapada (Uththirattathi) nakshatram day Vaikasi May – June
Thirumanjanam will also be performed on the thirunakshatram ( holy birth star day) of Nammalvar, Ramanujar, Thirumangai Alwar and Desikar.

Ritual Remedy (Pariharam)

Deity Day Ritual Remedy
Sri Perundevi Thayar Friday Archana with lotus flower
  • Business would boom
  • Debts would cease
  • All fortunes would flourish
Sri Varadaraja Perumal Saturday Vishnu Sahasranama Archana
  • Life and wellbeing would improve
  • Present plan would be a success
  • Employment opportunities would increase
Archana on the Rohini nakshatra day
  • Barren married women consuming the butter prasad of this day would conceive in course of time
Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevar Wednesday & Thursday Archana with garland of cardamoms-
  • learning and business would increase
  • Taking in early morning, the honey that was offered to the deity at thirumanjanam would increase memory
Sri Garud Saturday Thirumanjanam to Sri Garud with milk and adorning the statue with red clothes and performing archana-
  • All the hurdles created by Raghu , Kethu and Nagas would be removed and all prosperity would be attained
Sri Anjaneya Saturday & Sunday Thirumanjanam and decorating the deity with various garlands containing vada,lemon, tulsi, betel and flower –
  • The unbroken shell with coconut for which the archana had been done with turmeric and kumkum in the temple could be taken to the house and if puja is performed thereto daily the obstacles for marriage would be removed.
  • Vennai Kappu (Decorating the idol with butter) - Problems would peter out.